We believe that to the greatest extent possible, software should conform to the customer’s business, not require their business to conform to the software. To accomplish this the software must be Flexible, Configurable and Extensible:


Our software adapts to your business as it is today and is able to adapt to future changes both in business needs and tax laws.


Our software puts capability into the hands of the analyst, the one who truly knows what is going on.  Our software solution is easy to use, intuitive, and repeatable.


Our software enables licensees to add new forms and schedules, change tax rates or user specific functionality to extend the software’s capability.  With our software no workarounds are required.


IGenFuels provides the most complete, robust, and customizable motor fuel excise tax software available. We’ve leveraged our extensive industry experience to design a suite of tools that gives you complete flexibility to create custom workflows which enable you to import and cleanse your data, harmonize with master data, perform extensive validations, and handle all of your compliance reporting and filing.  Our tools let you use your data, your way.

Our Software includes IGenIDEA, IGenForms, IGenEFile and IGenAnalytics.

IGenIDEA (Import, transform and export your data.)  Our software gives you the ability to import data from multiple data sources in various formats, and consolidates that data into a single, central repository of tax compliance and reporting information.  Then, use our tools to standardize, cleanse, fill data gaps, validate against master lists of licenses (FCNs and the like), eliminate duplicate transactions and/or generate transactions for missing fuel movements.

IGenForms (Populate jurisdictional schedules and forms.) Our software comes with most of the common schedules and forms required to file motor fuel excise taxes.  Need something specialized such as Canadian schedules and forms?  No problem.  IGenFuels let’s you add any schedule or form you need quickly and easily with our user-friendly GUI.

IGenEFile (Generate jurisdictional electronic files.) We provide the ability to generate most of the common electronic filings required by the jurisdictions.  Formats include EDI, XML, CSV, and custom.

IGenAnalytics (Pre and post-reporting analysis of your data.) You need to be confident in your data prior to generating your excise tax reports. That’s why we provide robust tools to validate your data before it’s reported. You can cross-match data from various business lines or data sources, reconcile to your general ledger, generate custom reports, conduct ad-hoc querying, and create reports for conducting trend analysis. We give you the power to manipulate your data to support process improvement.